"Stanky Legg" Rap Group GS Boyz Say New Album Is "Greatest Comeback" Of All-Time

The Texas-based group hit it really big with "Stanky Legg" and 10-years-later, they are back with some new music.

(AllHipHop News) Rap group GS Boyz found fame back in the late 2000s and now the group is preparing a new release they have dubbed the "greatest comeback album of all-time."

The GS Boys formed in Arlington, Texas in 2005 when members Slizz, Ohboy Prince, Marc D, and Soufside linked up to form the group, which released the gold-selling single "Stanky Legg," which was an ode to the Dallas dance of the same name.

But personal demons and ego problems torpedoed the group, which signed to Yung Joc's Swagg Team Entertainment before disbanding.

Now the group has reunited and will release some new music over a decade after their Top 10 success with "Stanky Legg."

"We decided to make new music because we missed performing together," said GS Boyz group member Slizz.

Their new single is titled "Paper Cut." According to GS Boyz, their new album will be a collection of hip-hop, R&B, EDM, and pop tracks.

"This album is the greatest comeback of all time; it shows our growth as an artist and individuals," said group member Soufside.

Check out "Paper Cut" below.

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