Star And Bucwild Bounce From Hot 97

Star and Bucwild of Hot 97's popular morning

show have left the station after a dispute over money apparently strained Star's

relationship with the station.

According to Star, the duo have "left Hot

97 to pursue other interests." Earlier last week an angry Star publicly

vented on members of the Hot 97 staff during his morning show, claiming the

station owed him $30,000.

Star referred to one employee over the air as

a "house nigger and half-a-fag," claiming that the former General

Manager, Judy Ellis would never have treated him in such a manner and ended

his show early.

Sources told that when Star went

off the air, he allegedly ripped several gold and platinum plaques from the

walls of the Hot 97 studios.

The departure of Star and Bucwild could be a

terrible blow to the radio station and their ratings. Star was second only to

Howard Stern in terms of listenership.