Star Calls Out Co-Host DJ Akademiks For "Clowning" Fredo Santana

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"Don't sit here now and give f-cking RIPs and sincere heartfelt bullsh-t."

(AllHipHop News) The Complex News debate program Everyday Struggle returned yesterday with a new host. Veteran radio personality Troi "Star" Torain replaced Joe Budden on the panel.

In his very first episode, the self-described hater came out swinging hard at co-host DJ Akademiks. The final segment featured the commentators discussing the recent passing of Chicago-raised rapper Fredo Santana, but Torain chose to use the moment to call out Ak.

"Don't now sit here and give us a somber f-cking moment when you, the modern-day P. T. Barnum, you gave us the greatest gift to Hip Hop - that was the War in Chiraq - and you put a saddle on that guy's back and rode him in a f-cking circus," Star told Akademiks. "Don't sit here now and give f-cking RIPs and sincere heartfelt bullsh-t. Don't do it."

He added, "F-ck all that trying to polished your sh-t up now. You referred to him as the demon. You clowned him."

Akademiks eventually admitted calling Santana "the demon" on his YouTube channel. However, he suggested it was tasteless for Star to start that critical conversation so soon after Fredo's death.

This was not the first time Akademiks faced direct denunciation on Everyday Struggle for his War In Chiraq series. Last June, Vic Mensa blasted the internet personality to his face for allegedly making fun of the death of his childhood friend Tray 57.

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fredo was a opiate junkie. its funny how its everyone elses fault except the junkie himself in todays society