Star & Hot 97 Battle Heating Up, Star Inks Cable Deal

Star of the radio

team Star & Bucwild is planning his highly anticipated return to New York

City, but the radio personality is facing legal action from former employer Hot

97 (WQHT).

The brass at Hot

97, a station under Emmis Radio, claims that rival Clear Channel is trying to

put the shock jock back on the air early, an act they say violates a non-compete


In addition, Emmis

claims that on May 15, 2003, the jock’s last day, Star violently yanked

pictures off the office walls and allegedly assaulted the station manager, the

culmination of a long term run of "offensive, inappropriate and tortuous


According to the

New York Daily News, Wyatt Cheek, Star’s manager, said the lawsuit was

“slanderous, ridiculous allegations whose main purpose is damaging his


According to Emmis,

Star cannot legally compete with Hot 97 no earlier than March 5, 2005, but the

radio personality and Clear Channel want him in New York by January.

Cheek also claimed

that a station suspension after the death of Aaliyah was a staged event between

Star and Hot 97.

“You will

also see Emmis' own role here. In the Aaliyah case, for example, Star's 'suspension'

wasn't a punishment. It was an arrangement with the station. It was done for

appearance, to enhance their publicity 'bump,’” Cheek claimed.

Hot 97 denied the

claim and said that incident was one of many that lead to his termination.

Star made it clear

that he intended to tear down his former employer.

“Emmis can

only prolong the inevitable. I will have them programming country music six

months after my return,” he said.

And as he waits

for the non-compete clause to expire, Star will take his antics nationwide in

a new deal with cable TV network Music Choice.

The company will

be using bits from the duo's morning show on WPHH in Hartford, Connecticut and

Star and Buc will also be heard on Music Choice's internet service starting

in October.

Music Choice has

been known mostly for music and a graphics package which includes facts about

artists and their songs.

" Our studies

show about 60% of cable subscribers use our music channels now, and we expect

that figure to grow,” said Karen Doler, a spokeswoman for Music Choice.

Music Choice currently

has 45 channels available on cable and satellite television, plus seven internet

only channels.