State Of California Goes After French Montana Over Big Tax Bill

The rapper's property could be seized soon.

(AllHipHop News) French Montana has some big issues with tax man in California.

The state of California just placed a lien against the rap star, over $400,000 in back taxes he has owed to the state since 2016.

Authorities are warning French that they could seize some of his assets and sell them off to satisfy the tax bill.

French's earnings in 2016 were most likely very healthy, thanks to the success of the hit single "All The Way Up" with Remy Ma, Infrared and Fat Joe.

The rapper also copped Selena Gomez' former mansion in Calabasas, California for $3.3 million.

But earlier this year, French was on the losing end of a lawsuit filed by Waka Flocka's mom Deb Antney, and he was ordered to fork over $2 million.

Deb won a lawsuit claiming French was doing deals behind her back while she managed him.