State Official Says George Zimmerman Will Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Shooting

(AllHipHop News)The Washington Postis reporting that Florida prosecutor Angela Corey will "announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation.

"Benjamin Crump, who is representing the Martin family, said this week that Corey’s office had asked where Trayvon’s parents would be each day this week. They arrived Wednesday in Washington for a civil rights conference organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, where they are scheduled to speak.

"The announcement of a charge against Zimmerman would come a day after Zimmerman’s attorneys withdrew from the case, citing their inability to contact Zimmerman. Lawyers Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig on Tuesday expressed concern about Zimmerman’s emotional and physical well-being, saying he has taken actions without consulting them. They also said they do not know where Zimmerman is.

"Corey said Monday that she would not bring the case before a grand jury, which was expected to convene this week. She said her decision to forgo the grand jury should not be viewed as a factor in determining whether charges will be filed. In recent weeks Corey indicated that she might not need a grand jury to bring charges against Zimmerman. The lawyers said they stand by their assertions that Zimmerman acted in self-defense when he killed the 17-year-old, who was unarmed, but they acknowledged that they formed their impressions without meeting Zimmerman."

It is not entirely clear what charge(s) Zimmerman will face when Corey makes her announcement.

Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, on February 26 by Goerge Zimmerman, who said he was acting in self-defense. Zimmerman was not charged, citing the state’s “stand your ground” law.

The case has sparked global protests and countless tribute songs and events by Trayvon Martin supporters who believe he was killed because of his race and Hip-Hop inspired "hoodie" attire.