Step Your Game Up: Hori Fighting Stick EX2 – Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition

The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have been

lacking in terms of peripherals for die-hard fighting game fans to emulate the

arcade experience. To commemorate the release of Soul Calibur IV for both PS3

and 360, Namco Bandai and Hori, a well-known and respected Japanese video game

accessory company, teamed up to bring fighting enthusiasts the Fighting Stick

EX 2 – Soul Calibur IV Limited


Licensed by Namco Bandai and both Microsoft and

Sony for their respective releases, the Fighting Stick EX 2 sports two separate

looks for each console’s port; the Xbox

360 model featuring a more angelic tone with Siegfried, Hilde and Ivy gracing

the cover; and the PS3 rocking a darker tone with Hilde, Mitsurugi and


The only true difference between the two console

incarnations besides artwork is the PS3 version having three turbo buttons

while the 360 version does not.

With Hori being a Japanese company, the stick has

a more contemporary arcade look with the rounded lollipop-styled control stick

and the buttons lined in a downward arc. While this may be a turn-off to some

gamers because of the more American-styled arcade cabinets, the stick still

does fighting games justice.

The FS EX2 is very durable. Accuracy and response

time for the stick is spot on; no delays were experienced during testing. One

interesting perk with this arcade stick is the fact that it clicks with every

input; while it may sound like an annoyance, this isn’t as much of a nuisance

as it is a plus.

Any fighter striving for perfection when trying to

pull of complicated combos or chain moves will love the fact that they can

audibly track their directional movements as they go along. The sound isn’t

loud enough to actually interfere with the gameplay, but it is loud enough to

let the gamers know what they are doing. 

The controller is wired, and this may be a

downside to those of us who have been spoiled with the recent wireless

innovations of the current generation systems. The stick comes with an ample

amount of cord, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. At least purchasing

batteries won’t be a worry.

For those fighting game fans that long for the day

of the arcade, this is probably the closest you’ll get for a reasonable price. In

this case you get quite a bit more bang for your buck. With the natural

advantage of utilizing multiple inputs and a price tag of $60, no fighting game

fan should pass this up. This stick is exactly like what you would find in an


The only two possible cons noted with this release

from Hori is the fact that it’s a wired controller and you can’t use it for

much else past fighting games. It’s a stick made specifically for Soul Calibur IV and

other fighting game releases, so this really shouldn’t be much of an issue.

With so many new fighting games on the way in

upcoming months - Tekken 5, Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, just to name a few - this stick is a must have, especially if you enjoy high-end products at a low-end price.Here is a user "unboxing" video we found - check it out for yourself: