Steve Rifkin Starts Clothing Line

The ubiquitous hip-hop clothing market will be receiving a new addition by Steve Rifkind, founder of Loud Records, who will debut Street Team geared for males and the counterpart, S.Team targeted to females.

Koral Industries inked the deal to partner with Rifkind; they are best known as the home to high-end jeanswear company Seven.

Rifkind has stated that his clothing line will launch with a sweatwear line fashioned specifically for athletic and music fans. The pants will be created with pockets to hold items relevant to today’s youth, such as 2-way pagers, cell phones and iPods.

Not one to be silenced for too long, Rifkind established his new label SRC with Universal Records shortly after Loud Records wall absorbed into Sony Music. Rifkind’s first signee to his new label was David Banner and the Mississippi bred rapper and producer is paying immediate dividends as his album Mississippi: The Album, debuted at number 9 on the Billboard 200.