Steve Rifkind Enters Into Deal To Provide Jet Services To Celebrities

Hip-Hop mogul Steve Rifkind and his SRC Corporation has entered into a partnership with Chief Executive Air to provide exclusive jet services to some a variety of celebrity clientele.

Rifkind, 44, will leverage his 25-plus-years of experience in the entertainment industry to help attract a variety of multi-platinum artists and actors to use Chief Executive Air’s “elite charter services.”

As founder of SRC and Loud Records, Rifkind has worked with a number acts, from Fat Joe, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan, to his most recent successes with David Banner and Akon.

His SRC company has worked with a number of brands including, T-Mobile, adidas and SanDisk.

"I am looking forward to applying the strategies that have worked so well in building entertainment brands over the last two decades to such an exclusive service as the one Chief Executive Air offers," Rifkind told in a statement. “Whether it’s producing the best sound or providing the best private charter, Jeffrey and I are committed to offering a unique and memorable customer experience."

Rifkind will be responsible for developing Chief Executive Air’s strategic marketing initiatives, customer acquisition campaigns the expansion into the entertainment world.

“As a true partner in the company, Steve Rifkind not only opens doors into the music industry, but he brings with him a wealth of strategic marketing and promotional experience which will have an enormous influence on the growth of our business, as it has already proven quite successful in his own,” added Jeffrey Menaged, Chief Executive Air’s CEO.