Steve Stoute Launches UnitedMasters Artist Services Company For Indie Acts

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"It’s really for all independent artists to remain independent."

(AllHipHop News) Steve Stoute has become one of the most recognizably successful businessmen to emerge from Hip Hop culture. His résumé includes former artist manager, music executive, Translation CEO, author of The Tanning of America, and more.

The award-winning advertising expert has added another endeavor to his professional profile. Stoute recently launched the UnitedMasters artist services company. UM stresses having a concentration in preserving the independence of all music acts.

“The problem is the business had gotten so big that, unfortunately for the artists, the business people were reaching in their pockets. And it happened to the best of them,” stated Stoute while on Desus & Mero. "As a result of that, I felt like it’s important that artists take control of their own future. I feel like it’s important that artists own their masters which is the reason why I’m going back into the record business and building a company called UnitedMasters.”

He continued, “It’s really for all independent artists to remain independent, so they actually get the data that really matters. Like this is the person who’s streaming your music, this is how you find them.”

Using a mixture of culture, technology, and storytelling, Stoute’s latest enterprise offers to help performers connect with a larger potential fanbase. Promising UnitedMasters partnering artists are invited to receive financial, marketing, and distribution support from the firm.

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