Stimuli Makes Leap To Mixtape Mondays

Stimuli, a popular unsigned lyricist, is one

of the next featured artists on MTV’s “Mixtape Mondays,” a high

achievement for an emcee still being scouted by the majors.

The show airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. (EST) on the

music station.

Stimuli told that he was excited

and honored to be included in this week’s mixtape round up.

"There's a million unsigned rappers out

there and to have my name mentioned on MTV is crazy. No record label pushing

it or paying for exposure lets people know that my music is being felt genuinely,”

he said.

But, he isn’t a stranger to the mixtape

circuit and says his CD’s more closely resemble a full-length LP.

Stimuli has already released Let Me Show You

The Way and the MTV-featured disc Follow My Lead.

Follow My Lead features “Stop What

You Doin,’” a song that features Punjabi MC, and “Everything's

A Go,” a song that hosts Dutchess. Other artists from his Underworld Entertainment

are featured on the song.

Even though the MTV praise is one he is proud

of, Stimuli said that he aims to stay alert on the business side.

“We are focused right now,” he said.

“We have people around us that are feeling the music and want to help.”

Stimuli currently records his ascent to success

in a periodic journal on AllHipHop and was a featured artist in the site’s

Breeding Ground area, a section devoted to the unsigned artist.