Sting Taps Twista For New Single

Sting, who is no stranger to the benefits Hip-Hop

music can bring, has tapped Chicago rapper Twista to appear on the remix of

his new single, "Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing.)"

The two recently met in Brooklyn where they shot

a video for the track. "It's an honor to do this with Sting," Twista

said. "I wanted to shine on the track with him."

The original version of the song appears on Sting's

tenth solo album Sacred Love, which has already sold 3 million copies


The single will be released internationally on

April 26.

Sting, former member of The Police, has worked

with P. Diddy in the past, performing along side the Hip-Hop mogul during a

performance of "I'll Be Missing You" during the 1997 MTV Music Awards.

Diddy's song contains a sample from The Police's

hit "Every Breath You Take" which brought the singer millions in royalties.