Stones Throw Issues Statement Debunking Jay Dee Stories

A rumor about J Dilla

aka Jay Dee of Slum Village being in a coma has been declared false, his recording

home Stones Throw Records confirmed Tuesday (Jan. 18).

"He is not in a coma, and his life is not in danger,"

Stones Throw said in a statement released to the media. "We spoke to his

mother who was with him only hours after this rumor began to spread on Jan 17,

and she confirmed that it was false."

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson of The Roots apparently

accidentally initiated the rumor Monday (Jan. 17) with a message board posting

on the online community site

Thompson's comments were posted as news, despite being inaccurate,

on several websites.

Questlove later attempted to explain his statement by insisting

that Dilla was simply sick, not in a critical coma. But by Tuesday (Jan. 18),

the famed Roots drummer had removed the posting.

Jay Dee disclosed in the March 2004 issue of Urb magazine that

he has experienced kidney problems as a result of malnutrition.

The beatmaker stated, "What happened was that the doctor

told me that I'd ruptured my kidney from being too busy and being stressed out

and not eating right. He told me that if I'd waited another day, I might not

have made it."

Dilla admitted that working vigorously on music was often the

cause of his illness but said he plans to focus more on keeping his health in

tact instead of over-working.


that fixation can be a good thing and sometimes it can be bad. There'd be days

when I wouldn't eat at all because I'd be in the basement working all day,"

said Jay Dee. "This is definitely my second chance, my wakeup call. I still

love the music, but I wouldn't put it first in my life. It's family first -

and then everything else."