Stormzy Caught With Suspicious Baggies But Denies Drug Use

AllHipHop Staff

Stormzy may have told on himself with a questionable Instagram post.

(AllHipHop News) Is popular Grime rapper Stormzy really living a grimy life?

That is what fans want to know, after some controversial footage he posted to his own Instagram Story went viral.

Stormzy was hosting a party at his house, and when a camera turned to his customized poker table.

His fans instantly to spotted several suspicious-looking baggies with white powder before the video was deleted.

In addition to the questionable white substances, piles of cash, and what appeared to be marijuana roaches were strewn across the poker table.

A representative for Stormzy quickly tried to do damage control in a statement released to the Mirror.

"Stormzy does not take, has never taken, and does not associate himself with or in any way promote or condone, class A drugs," the representative said.

Take a look at the deleted post and share your opinion.