Stormzy Says Therapy Helped Him Cope With Fame

AllHipHop Staff

British rap legend Stormzy explains how the pressures of fame caused him to seek out some professional help.

(AllHipHop News) British rapper Stormzy has had therapy to help him cope with his "terrifying" rise to fame.

The U.K. grime starburst through into the mainstream with his debut studio album Gang Signs & Prayer back in 2017, and has since headlined Glastonbury, triumphed at the BRIT Awards and been on the cover of Time magazine.

However, he admits success initially came at a cost as he struggled with his status as a role model.

"In the past two years, I've been in a kind of mind state where it's been super overwhelming for me and I've found it super terrifying. I used to shy away from it," he tells U.K. chat show host Jonathan Ross. "When people would say 'role model' I used to say 'You've got the wrong man'."

Stormzy, real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo, Jr., says he has spoken to pals and had therapy and has grown into his position as a star.

"I've been to therapy, I talk to my friends... I'll be brutally honest, there are times I'll get super low, I'll get super depressed and I will shut myself off from the world, I'll do stupid things that no one should do, I'll stay in my house and I'll smoke, I'll not answer my phone," he explains. "But as I'm growing older, I'm learning how to deal with things."

However, he still admits to struggling with his dual role in life - but sees it as part of being a normal man as well as someone people look up to.

"Most days I am super up for all the duties I've taken on myself and everything I know God has lined up for me, I'm super ready and I'm in my element and I'm ready to bite all the bullets and stand on the front line and do whatever is needed," he explains. "But a lot of the times I just feel like I'm a normal man, I get bad road rage, I'm very flawed, I'm super normal, I'm a person."