Straight Talk: Heat - A Super Woman’s Kryptonite

I had every intention on writing about a different

topic—more relationship geared, however I went through something recently that

I felt I should share.

Like most of my life’s experiences, I find that this one

could help someone else in the world. And so to it, I’ve decided to dedicate

this month’s article.

I was at Sesame Place this past weekend with my husband and

son. We were standing in the line for the Merry-Go-Round and instantly I

started to feel light-headed. I leaned up against the bar, hoping that the

feeling would go away but it didn’t. Instead, it got worse.

I told my husband that I didn’t feel well. I told him I felt

like I was going to pass out. He said he would go get me some water as soon as

the guy operating the ride came back to unlock the gate and let him out. At

that moment my vision became extremely blurry. I told my husband not to leave

me to get the water. I needed him there. Then the next thing I knew, I passed

out in my husband’s arms.

I was taken to the First Aid area of the amusement park. The

medics took my blood pressure and my pulse and gave me several cups of

Gatorade. Once I came to and was able to answer their questions, they explained

that because I am pregnant and hadn’t had much fluids that day, combined with

the fact that I was standing out in the hot sun, I was dehydrated, causing me

to pass out. They further explained that the bag of popcorn I had eaten when I

first got to the park didn’t help due to the salt intake. Basically, I was

dried out.

It was definitely a learning experience for me. I had never

passed out before, and even though I was told to drink plenty of water during

hot days, I never knew just how serious the lack of water could be. I know now. I’ve been drinking water

constantly since the incident even when I’m not thirsty. I was also told to

slow down. I’m working too hard. That too was something I never took too

seriously. I mean, I’ve been told I need to give my body a rest plenty of times

in the past but now, especially because I’m pregnant, I see that it is very

necessary to do just that.

So, as I continue through the summer, my duties will be to

drink more water and stay hydrated, ease up on working, get a full eight hours

of sleep each night, and take some time during the day to just rest. And I say

this to say, to all you working mothers and mothers-to-be, be careful. Just

because you don’t feel overworked, tired, or dried out doesn’t mean you aren’t.

It’s just a matter of time before your mind catches up to your body and shows

you just how overworked, tired, or dried out you really are.

Although my baby and I are fine, the idea of having passed

out is scary. I think of all the what ifs—what if my husband wasn’t there, what

if I was in the pool, what if I had fell to the ground and hit my head, etc.,

etc., etc. And I realize that all of the possible consequences could have

easily been avoided had I paid more attention to people’s advice to drink

plenty of fluids and rest up.

I am thankful that the outcome wasn’t worse, and that I

learned a valuable lesson without suffering loss. And I feel obligated to share

this experience with you in hopes that you or someone you know will take this

as a learning experience as well. Do what you have to do, ladies, to get all

the hydration and rest your body needs this summer, especially and most

importantly if you are expecting.

I know… if you’re anything like me, you may feel like you

can do it all, conquer the world without breaking a sweat and be just fine. But

at the end of the day, even Super Women are

susceptible to sickness and weakness. So take some of the time and energy

that you put into being a super woman into being a real woman.

Take care of yourself just as well as you take care of your

business. And only then can you enjoy your summer!

Miasha is the author

of Don’t Make Him Dinner, Make Him Rich! How to Be the Superwoman of Today, coming soon. She is also author of fiction bestsellers Diary of a Mistress, Mommy’s Angel, Sistah for Sale, and Never Enough all available in bookstores and online nationwide. For more information or to hear Miasha address your comments, go to her website

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