Students Lose $100k On Snoop Show; New Albums Coming

AllHipHop Staff

Students at Memorial University in St. Johns, Canada are feeling the effects of a money losing concert featuring superstar rapper Snoop Dogg.

An executive member confirmed the student union lost $100,000 on a concert and after party featuring Snoop, which took place on September 12 at the Mile One Arena.

A spokesman for the student union stated that they expected to sell out the 6,200 Mile One Arena, but could only sell 2,500 tickets.

"There was another rap show that was playing for the week afterwards," spokesman Cameron Campbell told CBC News. "A little bit of consumer confidence was lost after several shows were cancelled by rappers over the summer, and those were all things that really affected us and we couldn't do anything about."

In total, in cost over $300,000 to bring Snoop Dogg to the Mile One Arena.

Snoop Dogg, who was recently named Chief Creative Chairman of Priority Records, is gearing up for an 11-date tour this October, in support of his upcoming album Malice In Wonderland.

In related news, WIDEawake Entertainment group is gearing up to release The Lost Sessions Volume 1 by Snoop, a collection of material recorded from 1992-1997, during his time with Death Row Records.

"We are seeing historic enthusiasm for the Death Row catalogue across all types of our sales accounts and media outlets in North America," commented WIDEawake / Death Row CEO Lara Lavi. "We are grateful to fans and retailers everywhere for the incredible launch of WIDEawake and look forward to working with them in our upcoming release schedule. There is a lot to celebrate. As we kick-off this release, we are also determined to raise the bar for royalty statements and being honest in this industry with all artists -- past and future. Snoop has done so much for both Death Row Records and the West Coast by spawning such artists as Tha Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg, and The LBC Crew. We hope this serves him the justice he rightfully deserves."