"Stunt 101": Bankruptcy Judge Blasts 50 Cent, Says No More Instagram Stunts

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 6) a Connecticut bankruptcy judge roasted 50 Cent in bankruptcy court for making fun of the court process with this social media posts that glorify his wealth.

The case stems from the drama surrounding Rick Ross' baby mama and the $7 million case against the Queens rapper in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“There is nothing funny going on here. This is all very serious business,” Judge Ann Nevins said according to New York's PageSix. “I am not trying to impede on anyone’s right to exercise free speech. But I would appreciate it if we can keep the tone of this case very serious.”

“You have all been advised. This is not funny.”

In addition to altering the tone of the case, the Judge officially warned 50 to stay away from commenting on the bankruptcy case via his social media sites.

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“I want to make this very clear, that I am discouraging the use of social media to comment on this case, especially when parties are in a courtroom or in the conference room.”

So does this mean that 50 won't be "teaching us how to stunt" on IG anymore?

We never know with 50 Cent, but he appeared to be assuming a more compliant stance in the case when Judge Nevins confronted him about his social media.

Fifty backed down on the IG posts saying he had changed his ways, “Instagram? Nah, that’s not me anymore,”

It was just last Summer the 50 filed for bankruptcy just a few days after Rick Ross' baby mama Lastonia Levinston won her judgement.

More news as the case proceeds on.