'Style Wars' Coming To DVD

“Style Wars,”

the legendary movie detailing New York's graffiti culture and the birth of Hip-Hop,

will be re-released on August 23rd as a DVD 2-disc set distributed through Music

Video Distribution (MVD).

The DVD includes

over 3 hours of special features with artist galleries and interviews, outtake

footage, a remastered soundtrack, commentary from director Tony Silver and producer

Henry Chalfont and over 200 full trains and burners.

“Style Wars

documents one of the great American popular culture movements known as Hip Hop,”

Henry Chalfont told AllHipHop.com. “At its original release in 1984, the

irrepressible vitality of the kids in the film inspired young people around

the world.”

Chalfont said that

movie was filmed before Hip-Hop culture turned into a multi-billion dollar a

year industry.

“Style Wars

was filmed in neighborhoods where the broadest spectrum of

New Yorkers live, many of them suffering from the effects of years of flawed

government policies and catastrophic economic changes,” Chalfont said.

“But the film tells the story about the grass roots response to this neglect.

“One of the

essential elements of hip hop culture was always that it was about artists taking

control of their creative lives. Hip-Hop was a huge revolution carried out against


background of neglect in a bankrupt city with neighborhoods burning down to

rubble, schools slashing art and music from the curriculum, after school programs

closing their doors.”

Disc 1: The Film

and the Filmmaker, features the movie, 23 minutes of outtakes, interviews with

filmmakers Tony Silver and Henry Chalfont, interviews with Style Wars editors

Victor Kanefsky and Sam Pollard and classic tracks from the likes of The Treacherous

Three, Trouble Funk, Grandmaster Flash and many more.

Disc 2: Hall of

Fame, includes 32 artist galleries, new interviews with famed graffiti artists

such as Blade, Cap, Cey, Crash, Dez, Dondi, Seen TC5, Revolt and Zephyr, etc.,

plus guest interviews with Fab Five Freddy, Goldie, Guru, Kool DJ Red Alert

and a tribute to Dondi and Shy147. Disc 2 also shows a 30 minute continuous

loop of over 200 cars and burners with music from Def Jux artists El-P, RJD2

an Aesop Rock.

The movie is selling

retail $27.95 and includes a deluxe fold-out booklet with liner notes by renowned

Hip-Hop writer/editor Sacha Jenkins.