Styles Is Home From Jail

Styles P of The Lox/D-Block was released from a New York upstate prison about 10 a.m. today (August 4), greeted by Dee & Wahh of Ruff Ryders, fans, journalists and his wife. For the last 8 months, the rapper has made the Valhalla Correctional Facility his home.

A pair of correctional officers, who monitored the press and the paparazzi, escorted the rapper to a haven receptive to photos and cameras. After planting a kiss on his wife, a 20-pounds lighter Styles stated, “The hardest is back. What more can I say?”

Super Mario, president of D-Block Records, had much more to maintain about the value of Styles to D-Block Records as a company and The Lox as a group.

“It’s a good look. It’s just what we needed. Styles brings a whole different attitude to [The Lox] as well as a whole ‘nother brain as the co-CEO of D-Block. He’s different from Jada and Sheek. That’s why they call them the Holy Trinity – they are beautiful together,” Mario said to “

“They all bring a different thing that the other needs and that can’t do nothing but help the business.”

He explained that Styles brings a certain flair to the group that was clearly missing while he was upstate.

“I vibe with Styles. He has a harder edge with certain things than the other two. That’s definitely needed to even keep me on point. I have to listen to all three of them and then do the right thing. I’m glad he’s back and its time to take over,” Mario continued.

Styles concurred as he relayed that he was going to the studio after spending some time with his wife and young son, who wasn’t permitted to visit him when he was behind bars.

“Let’s make some money,” he exclaimed, “Holla at me!”

Styles served 8 months for stabbing a man in the buttocks after a verbal dispute.