Styles P Advises Drake Not To Battle Any Other Rappers After Losing To Pusha T

The Lox member discusses the Drizzy vs King Push feud with Joe Budden.

(AllHipHop News) Some Hip Hop followers are still hoping Drake responds to Pusha T's "The Story Of Adidon" diss track. Others are done with the battle after Drizzy was told to stand down by Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince.

Styles P seems to be in the latter group. The Lox member sat down with Joe Budden for the Pull Up series, and he advised Drake to bow out from any future lyrical back-and-forths.

"I would suggest he doesn't battle anyone anymore, period, at all," stated Styles. "If he goes and looks at what everybody is saying as: Yeah, you did take an L. But if he goes home and he's around people that's not letting him know that everybody catches an L, he's around the wrong people."

The G-Host album creator added, "I would tell him just stick to being Drake. You're a Number One hit dude. Not that money's the most important sh-t, but you got money, you're taking care of your people, you got happiness. There's not nobody that didn't catch some kind of L. Most of the people that's talking about you on Instagram, saying you caught an L, are really dealing with bigger Ls than your f-cking Instagram lost to Pusha T. You can live with that."

Additionally, Styles P said since Drake survived the ghostwriting allegations, the OVO leader was bound to eventually take a loss. He also declared any rapper known to use ghostwriters can't be in the Top 5 emcees conversation.

"If you don't write your sh-t and you're a great entertainer, you're in the Puff, Kanye, Swizz, Dr. Dre [category]. And I see Drake as being that," offered the native New Yorker.

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