Styles P. Keeps Fans In Mind With 'Smokable' CD Cover

(AllHipHop News) Yonkers, New York rapper Styles P. recently sat down with to explain the packaging for the companion CD to his new book, Invincible. The dramatic novel was released on June 1st with a CD of music to accompany the CD. And since one of Styles P.’s biggest hits is the 2002 song “Good Times (I Get High)” - is an ode to marijuana smoking- the rapper kept his core fans base in mind, by wrapping the CD in smokable packaging. “It’s like the cellulose wrap, that clear see through s**t. Smoke in consideration, big brotha,” Styles P. told “It's just in case you run out and you f**ked up. You know what I'm saying? You can go to that. Keep that in the cut."The 240-page novel was written over a two-year period, in conjunction with author Nikki Turner and released in paperback form through Random House.The book centers around “Jake Billings,” a record store owner who shoots two men when they attempt to rob him. Billings is stabbed a week after being sent to prison and he doesn’t emerge from a coma for two years. When he does, he finds that life his changed. His sentence has been commuted but enemies still stalk him. “It’s getting a great response. Its selling so I'm just grateful and appreciative of what's going on," Styles P. told “Its basically an action packed mystery I don't want to say [the ending], but I think people will learn that you can't always judge a book by its cover.”Style P.’s Invincible book and CD can be purchased along with T-shirts and other merchandise at