Styles P Reveals Why He Rocks With President Trump Over Hillary & The Dems

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Styles P sat down to talk politics with's Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur and he revealed he prefers President Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Interview: Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur

(AllHipHop News)  Donald Trump is one of the most divisive and controversial presidents in history, however, rapper Styles P completely prefers him to past Democratic forerunner Hillary Clinton.

The Lox member believes that as bad as things are currently, if Hillary Clinton would have become president, it would have been worse.

“I can see Trump's racism. He's blatant with it...I feel like the Reds (Republicans), they let you know, they on their conservative s##t, they with the rich white people way," Styles P told

Trump has been branded a racist, misogynist, and a xenophobe, but Styles asserts the Democratic Party has not done a lot for Black people. 

"I think Hillary and the Blues (Democrats) tend to use Black people. They sit there and we don't really look at the history of what they got. Bill Clintons locked up more people than slavery," Styles P continued. "I remember Hillary Clinton calling us 'super-predators.' So chilling in Harlem, eating chicken and playing the sax (like Bill Clinton famously did) and all that, that's all cool. But I still look at the numbers.

“I still think about the people who's not home from three strikes (a Draconian law that permanently locks up law offender after three felonies. They were first implemented on March 7, 1994 when Bill Clinton was president.) And that's the Democratic Party, that's not the Republican Party," Styles P told

Styles also believes that Republicans’ “honesty” is better than the Democrats covert deceptions, pointing to the laws like "Three Strikes" passed by the party during the Clinton presidential administration that has so many Blacks under the jail.

At this point, Styles is not a member of either wing of the bird and he maintains Black people need to be more empowered. 

“Altogether, I'm not for either party, that's where I stand,” the Juice for Life co-founder stated. “I think we need a whole new system Black people, we should find a way to have our own strength and be able to exercise that strength for our own party that's going to benefit us. Neither one of these parties are really benefiting us."

Moreover, Styles believes that Hillary’s campaign was conspiring to lock down the country long before Trump unexpectedly barreled his way into the office.

“I feel like Trump wasn't supposed to be there, in office, he happened to be in office," Styles said. "I felt like this plan was already set in play. Obama did the alley-oop and Hillary was supposed to come catch it..."

"I think if she would have caught that alley-oop, we would all be f##ked right now. It would have been forced vaccinations everywhere. That's why I feel we are better off with him [Trump] as the president," Styles P concluded.

The full feature interview is coming soon. 

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Styles P is entitled to his opinion. I disagree with him. Styles P supports a racist. That speaks volume. Trump and 45 are running this company like a well oiled crime organization. I wouldn't vote for Trump if he were the only candidate on the ballot. I would write-in Mickey Mouse.


Instead of trying to push people toward one party or the other, why don't black rappers/producers/ceos/businessmen/activists/frats/sororities/actors form an entirely separate political party????

Why do we keep trying to force ourselves to tables that don't want us there? Black America has the economic strength of a small country. There's no excuse for us not to have our own political party versus constantly whining about what white people in this or that group won't do for us.

It's unacceptable tbh because we all recognize the problem, as demonstrated here by SP—we're completely conscious of our situation but have yet to make solid moves to solve the issue for ourselves.


He made some excellent points. Fuck them all. He likes bullshit when he can see it and Trump shows you. I get that. He correctly states we need a new system cause the current one is fucked. I don't mind any of what he said.


Actually, Styles is right.....


My comment is I have none ill leave it at that.