Styles P, Smoke DZA, Kat Stacks Celebrate 4/20

(AllHipHop News) New York MCs Styles P and Smoke DZA brought in the marijuana smoking holiday 4/20 together in Florida, with GreenGate Marketing and CleanFace Bookings' monthly concert series.

The event was packed, as the duo brought in 4/20 by trading off strands marijuana, which has been approved for taxing and regulating in Colorado and Washington.

Despite this, the legality of marijuana continues to be debated between the federal government and the individual states.

Marijuana aside, Smoke DZA touched on a upcoming project for the end of the year with producer Harry Fraud

“I got a few projects, quiet ones in the pipe lines I don’t care to speak about. One I care to speak about. Me and Harry got somethin else coming, sometime this fall. DZA 420 will not end in Florida."

Kat Stacks was also on the scene celebrating 4/20 and she let that her book is on the way this May 2013.

Check Out the's excludive with Styles P, Smoke DZA and Kat Stacks on 4/20.