Styles P Suffers Broken Leg In Road Rage Incident

Yonkers, New York

rapper Styles P sustained a broken leg as the result of a road rage incident in

Greenburgh, New York last Saturday (Dec. 23). According

to police, the rapper was driving his 2003 Mercedes-Benz on Saw Mill River Road,

when he was cut off by a truck. Police

allege Styles P., born David Styles, then cut off the truck, got out of his vehicle

and threw napkins at the window of the other driver, 50-year-old John Henson.

As the

rapper got back in his vehicle, Henson rammed the rapper, breaking his left leg.


was charged with second-degree assault. He told police that he feared for his

safety after Styles P threw the napkins and reentered his Mercedes-Benz.Styles

P was treated at Westchester Medical Center and released. Henson

will appear in Westchester Town Court on Jan. 2.