Suge Knight Continues Assault On Snoop Dogg


Knight, the incarcerated-soon to be released-CEO

of Death Row Records, Continues his assault against Snoop

Dogg. As we reported earlier, Suge has had unfavorable things

to say about Snoop, Eminem, Xzibit, Dre and anything associated

with his former cohorts, has leaked Snoops Last Meal album

on the website via MP3, and issued

warnings to Snoop upon his release from prison via a Flash

intro on his site.

Now he has issued a statement via his publicist, congratulating

Snoop on the success of his Dead Man Walking album,

which was released on Death Row, and his Last Meal

album which was released on No Limit Records. The thank you

note turns sour when it states: "Death Row knows success

for a Snoop Doggy Dogg record means $$$$ for Suge Knight.

Keep it up because you know Suge Knight eats off your next

three albums, as well as your previous seven albums."

The statement also states the next Snoop release from Death

Row will be Snoop's Greatest Hits.

Suge will also

use this copy in a full page in to be run in Murder Dog magazine

and XXL in March.

Priority, the label that issued Snoops album, Tha Last

Meal, had not seen the release and had no comment.


here to see the actual release.