Suge Knight "Doing Great" As Murder Trial Date Is Finally Set

AllHipHop Staff

Suge Knight will start his murder trial next month.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) It looks like theres finally been movement in the case of Suge Knight and his murder trial.

A judge recently announced they have set the trial date for September 24th, and will be going forward on that.

Suge Knight has been dealing and fighting these charges since February of 2015, when he allegedly killed a businessman named Terry Carter from Compton and attempted to run over former gang member Cle (Bone) Sloan, in a local restaurant parking lot.

Suge Knight has not been able to make his $10 million dollar bail in the last three and a half years he has been locked up.

Prosecutors claim he ran over the man on purpose after a fight broke out at a production office over "Straight Outta Compton," a film supported by Dr. Dre.

Terry Carters widow is relieved the trial is finally taking place, but also has mixed emotions.

Im sad its something were still dealing with and frightened about what my feelings will be. Weve never charted these waters before," Lillian Carter said.

There are no winners for either family.

As for Suge Knight, he reports he is doing great amongst these difficult times after suffering several health crisises while he's been behind bars.

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What a dummy. He lost everything including his freedom