Suge Knight Evicted, Rap-A-Lot Sues In Court Over '2Face'

According to reports,

former Death Row Records mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was evicted from

his luxury condominium on Wilshire Boulevard on Friday (Mar. 23). Witnesses

said that police cars and a detective came to enforce the eviction and that all

of the mogul's possessions were were loaded on to a truck in front of the building.


eviction is the latest in the saga surrounding Knight and his pioneering record

label, Death Row Records, which was co-founded with super producer Dr. Dre. Last

week, Rap-A-Lot Records filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Death Row Records in

an attempt to collect money invested into the Death Row/Rap-A-Lot Records 2Face

album, that consisted of posthumous vocals by Tupac, alongside new lyrics by Scarface.The

2face album also caused a minor controversy, when lawyers for Michael "Harry-O"

Harris claimed the album was proof of a secret long term business relationship

between Knight and Rap-A-Lot founder, James "J Prince" Smith. Knight

filed for bankruptcy in Apr. 2006, in an attempt to avoid paying a $107 million

default judgment against Death Row Records to Michael and Lydia Harris. Harris

claims he invested $1.5 million to help start Death Row Records in 1991, with

Knight's attorney, David Kenner. He claims he was cheated out of the profits.


also claimed to be a 50 % owner in Rap-A-Lot, but the allegations were dismissed

by Smith.

Harris, who is serving 28-years in San Quentin for attempted-murder and drug dealing,

was married to Lydia Harris. The

Harris' later filed for divorce and Mr. Harris later filed a lawsuit against his

former wife, claiming that he was entitled to half of the judgment against Death

Row Records. Death

Row Records was placed into the hands of a court-appointed bankruptcy-trustee

in July 2006, after a judge ruled that the label was mismanaged due to accounting


testified that he hadn't reviewed the financial statements of Death Row Records

in over a decade. Knight's

assets have also been frozen since Aug. 2005.