Suge Knight Filing For Bankruptcy Protection

The saga of Death

Row Records continues as the label's founder Marion "Suge" Knight is

seeking bankruptcy protection for himself and the pioneering record label.

Knight's lawyer

Laurence Strick told the Associated Press that the mogul was filing bankruptcy

protection in an attempt to reorganize his financial affairs.

Death Row is also

at the center of a legal battle involving Knight, incarcerated drug dealer Michael

"Harry-O" Harris and his estranged wife Lydia Harris.

Harry-O, who is

serving a 28-year sentence in San Quentin prison, claims he invested $1.5 million

in the label through Knight's attorney David Kenner.

In March 2005,

Knight was ordered to pay Mrs. Harris $107 million because Knight failed to

show up to numerous court proceedings to disclose his assets. Knight recently

missed another date this past Saturday (April 1).

"Mr. Knight

doesn't have 107 million dollars," Strick said. "It remains to be

seen what becomes of Death Row."

The label owns

a catalog of multiplatinum albums from Dr. Dre, Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg and

Tupac Shakur, the best selling rapper of all time.

A judge warned

Knight that if he missed Saturday's hearing to disclose his assets, the label

would be placed into receivership.

According to Knight's

attorney, filing for bankruptcy protection temporarily prevents Knight from

losing ownership of the label.

Harry-O filed

for divorce from his wife Lydia shortly after the judgment was issued and is

seeking half of the $107 million that was awarded his wife in March.