Suge Knight Fined, Charges Dropped

Marion “Suge"

Knight was fined $691 Friday (August 5) and cleared of a marijuana possession

charge after pleading no contest to making an illegal U turn and driving without

insurance in Barstow, California.

Knight was arrested and incarcerated for more than a week after

police said they found marijuana in his Ford pickup truck during a traffic stop

on February 5.

The Death Row co-founder was found in violation of his parole

for venturing more than 50 miles from his home and ordered to electronic monitoring.

He was released from parole on April 24.

Both a parole agent and prosecutors decided to drop the drug

possession charge, citing inadequate evidence, according to James Hill, supervisor

of the Barstow district attorney's office.

A case is still pending for Alexis Wilkinson, a teenage woman

who was in the truck with Knight at the time he was pulled over.

Wilkinson was arrested

and later released, and is charged with providing false information to police.