Suge Knight Hit With $6 Million Tax Bill, Responds To Snoop Incident


Knight was hit with a $6 million dollar income tax bill that accrued

while he was incarcerated in Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California. Knight

was serving a 9 year prison sentence for violation of his probation for getting

involved in a fight with rival gang member Orlando Anderson, the night Tupac

Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas. According to Knight's attorney, the IRS

sent the multimillion dollar tax bill this week. The bill is in regard to taxes

unpaid in 1997.

The notice comes

on the heels of Knight's former lawyer, David Kenner, being sentenced to three

years probation, after he admitted to hiding more than $4 million in earnings

from the IRS. In January, Death Row also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor tax charges

related to income tax evasion charges.

"We don't

have the collateral information to evaluate this yet," Knight's lawyer

Arthur Barens told the LA Times. "It came as a surprise. Suge Knight absolutely

pays his taxes. [Knight] is a hardworking citizen and meets all his responsibilities.

He intends to respond. He plans to pay it."

In related news,

Suge commented on the recent incident at the BET Awards between he and Snoop

Dogg. Knight claims he took a member of Outkast's seat when the group went to

accept their awards, because a woman was sitting in his. "It's paranoia.

I was by myself. You don't see any of these guys rolling like me [alone]. Snoop

had two rows of people — 20 guys afraid of one guy," Knight said.

"He's supposed to be a tough, street, gangster type and he's acting like

a coward. Snoop was ducking down in his seat like he was about to melt."

Knight said that

his attitude had changed since he had a stay in prison. "I was just glad

to be watching the BET Awards live instead of on a 19-inch [prison] TV. I'm

the one who's happy."

Knight also says

he will release an album by N.I.N.A aka the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

next month and an album by Crooked I.