Suge Knight Hopes Casey Anthony's Lawyer Can Help Him Beat A Murder Charge Too

AllHipHop Staff

The Death Row Records mogul is looking to land a high-powered defense attorney.

(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight is trying to land a high-profile attorney, as his impending, often delayed murder trial looms.

Suge, who was hospitalized again earlier this week for an undisclosed illness, is seeking to get defense attorney Jose Baez to represent him. Baez is best known for helping Casey Anthony beat a charge of murder in 2011, over the death of her own two-year-old daughter Caylee.

He also helped disgraced Aaron Hernandez beat a double murder case, although the NFL star was already serving life for the murder of his associate, Odin Lloyd.

Suge was indicted for murder and attempted murder, for running over Terry Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan during a fight at a burger stand in Los Angeles in January of 2015.

Carter was killed from his injuries, while Cle “Bone” Sloan sustained severe wounds.

Suge has been incarcerated for more than three years.

Most recently two of Suge's attorneys were arrested and indicted for trying to brine onlookers, and the former Death Row Records CEO has gone through over a dozen lawyers.

"My case is a real simple case. Either I did something or I didn't. Either they had firearms or they didn't," Suge a court during a hearing last month.

Suge has since been discharged from the hospital and is currently back in his cell in the L.A. County Jail.

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Suge ain't shit and Karma is whoopin his ass and he deserves it.


DR DRE was a HIT years before Marion Knight was a club bouncer & many years before DRE discovered SNOOP & developed him, 2PAC was already signed to INTERSCOPE before DeathRow even had their deal SO 'SugaBear' 'brought' us NONE of the above! When DRE left all fell apart. DRE has become a BILLIONAIRE & Suge a petty CRIMINAL locked up for murderer seeking sympathy.....#SugeDONE


This MURDERER is BROKE & exhausted ALL desperate attempts to stay alive... MANY lawyers left in DISGUST from the obviously GUILTY Devil, WHY would any one waste their time & name to assist this THIEF, CON MAN & MURDERER?