Suge Knight Planning Compilation For Armed Forces, Will Be Free This Month

Death Row CEO Suge Knight will release a star

studded compilation album that will benefit families of U.S military members

fighting the war against Iraq.

Knight, who is presently incarcerated, said he

would spend the next few months pulling various artists together, with hopes

of having the untitled album is stores by the Christmas.

"I'm not taking any kind of political stance

on the war," Knight said in a press release. "However, with so many

soldiers now in Iraq for more than a year, I'm concerned about the families

they've left behind. So many of them are suffering, not only emotionally but

also financially."

Knight said that the proceeds would be sent directly

to the armed services' families and said he hoped that fact would prevent eager

fans from downloading the album illegally.

"This new compilation should significantly

help, since all earnings will go directly to these struggling wives and children.

Knowing this fact, fans will hopefully also avoid illegally downloading or copying

the disc, since those actions would essentially be stealing from the poor families

that would benefit from the proceeds."

Knight will be released from prison at the end

of this month sources revealed to