Suge Knight Puts Mansion Up For Sale, Speaks On Tupac Murder

Marion "Suge" Knight's Malibu, CA mansion has been put up for sale for $6.2 million dollars, according to the Associated Press.

The seven-bed, nine-bath home was put up for sale as a result of Knight's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2006.

Knight, who made hundreds of millions of dollars as cofounder of Death Row Records with legendary producer Dr. Dre, filed for bankruptcy protection, after he was ordered to pay $107 million to ex-business associate Lydia Harris.

The mogul filed Chapter 11, claiming to be $137 million in debt.

Harris claims that she and her husband, incarcerated drug dealer, Michael Harris, were cheated out of their ownership in Death Row Records.

According to the Associated Press, the 8,272 square foot mansion was built in Malibu in 2001, in the hills over looking the Pacific Ocean.

The gated property has tennis courts, a pool and access to two beaches.

Knight is currently finishing production on a new reality series titled Suge Knight's Unfinished Business.

He still lives a lavish life, as noted in a recent article in the Washington Post, which featured an interview with Knight from the pool of a Five Star hotel in Beverly Hills, complete with an assistant and a personal Brazilian masseuse.

"Y'know, I'm a guy that did Chapter 11," Knight joked, when asked how he earned his income. "I haven't been working, so people feel sorry for me."

When further prodded Knight replied: "I told you: I don't lie. The only people I lie to are the police."

Knight also spoke on the murder of Tupac Shakur, who was gunned down on Sept. 7, 1996 in Las Vegas.

The mogul was driving a black 1996 BMW 750i sedan with Tupac riding in the passenger seat, when an unknown gunman open fired, wounding Knight and Shakur, who succumbed to his wounds 6 days later.

Knight said Shakur was laughing joking on the way to the hospital and was more concerned with the fact that Knight was also wounded.

According to Knight, Shakur said: "Me? I mighta got shot here and I can feel it," and pointed to his side. Shakur also allegedly said: "And I mighta got shot here," grabbed his chest and said "and I can feel it. But you're bleeding out of your [expletive] head."