Suge Knight's Hearing Delayed

Suge Knight's hearing to see if he should be

sent back to prison for associating with known gang members was postponed Tuesday

by California state officials.

The official reason for the delay on the decision

to revoke Knight's parole to send him back to prison was delayed because the

Califorina Board of Prison Terms wanted to review whether or not Knight was

allowed to have legal representation at his hearing.

"We wanted to be comfortable that we were

on solid ground with whatever decision we made," Bill Sessa, the panel's

liaison said. Sessa said that a new hearing date would be issued within a few


Sessa added that lawyers are typically barred

from parole revocation hearings, which are made on a case-by-case basis. Knight's

attorney David Z. Chesnoff said that Knight was being treated unfair.

"Since the day this guy got back on the

streets, a double standard has been applied to him with respect to his parole

conditions. They treat him like he's Public Enemy No. 1," Chesnoff told

the Los Angeles Times.

"I met personally with the parole people

on Suge's behalf and they told me they understood there would be circumstances,

based on the kind of rap music genre that he was involved in, where he might

come into contact with people that they think have gang affiliations,"

Chesnoff continued.

Knight has been locked up since December 23,

after being arrested and confronted with various evidence showing that he had

associated with various gang members, something his parole stipulated he was

prohibited from doing.

"I told parole that if I had to stop dealing

with people from the 'hood, I might as well shut my business down," Knight

said from his jail cell in December. "I can't just turn my back on the

people I came up with. Rap comes from the same place that I did -- the ghetto."