Suge Knight's Son Starring In New Reality Show "Love & Listings"

Will a new real estate show with Suge's son be the next big reality TV hit?

**(AllHipHop News)**Jailed rap mogul Suge Knight's son has landed his own real estate reality show.

VH1 bosses have ordered eight episodes of "Love & Listings," in which real estate agent Jacob Knight and his colleagues attempt to keep their high-profile clients happy by finding them dream homes and selling the pads they are trying to offload.

The first episode will air in America on July 31 according to reports.

Jacob, a real estate trainee, is the focus of the show as he attempts to put his father's legal woes behind him and make a name for himself as a Hollywood home expert.

Jacob Knight will appear alongside former professional footballer Zac Diles, part-time waitress Ajani Scott and newcomer Taylor Schwartz, among other young real estate moguls in the making.

Suge Knight was officially sentenced in October to serve 28 years behind bars for killing former friend Terry Carter with his truck.

He had served well over three years behind bars awaiting trial for his hit and run following a 2015 altercation in a Los Angeles car park.

Suge and his legal team maintained he was acting in self-defense.

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