Suge Knight Speaks At USC


Knight and six artists from his label,

Tha Row spoke to 700 University Of Southern California

students last week. Suge, who spoke on stage at

Bovard Auditorium, stood on stage, smoking a cigar.


was brought the USC by the Program Board Speaker's

Committee and Entertainment Industry Student Association,

to speak on his insight on business and leadership.

"The most important thing a student could do

is start his own company," Knight said. "Don't

ever let anybody take your dream away, do what the

fuck makes you happy," Suge said.


is especially to the women. First get your degree,

then get your business and your money and then you

can be like us men and pick and choose who you want

to be with," Knight said. While Suge delivered

such inspiring messages, some people in the audience

got mixed messages. While praising the abilities

of modern women, he still referred to women as bitches,

offending some women in the crowd, prompting them

to leave the lecture.


audience cheered at various point in the lecture.

When Knight talked about the start of Death Row

Records and the now infamous incident with Vanilla

Ice as well as his relationship with Tupac, Knight

was greeted with laughter and applause.


humble, Suge showed how serious he took the networking

aspect of the entertainment business. He extended

an invitation to students in the audience to work

at his new label and gave out his personal and cell

numbers to anyone that was serious about getting

involved with his label. "Networking is the

best thing you can do as a student, because you

never know when you might need somebody who used

be your roommate, but is now the mayor of the city

you live in."