Suge Knight: The Christmas Spirit


Knight, the incarcerated head of Death Row Records,

has shown an act of generosity from behind bars to a group of

students in Sacramento, who lost their playground to a fire.

On November 19th,

an Arsonist set fire to the Hillsdale Head Start playground. The

arson received a lot of media attention and Suge, who was watching

Television from his cell at Mule Creek State Prison where he is

finishing up a 9 year bid, decided he wanted to take action.

Suge donated $21,000

to the program through Death Row Records, so they could reopen

their playground for the children.

"This was just him watching

television, watching the local news, and the story really spoke

to him. And he's a guy who grew up in Compton, and he related

to these kids and just really felt bad for them," Knight's

publicist Jonathan Wolfson said.

"It was Suge's agent that called and said, 'We'd like to

do something to replace the equipment. Would you like a check?'

And we said wonderful," Hillsdale manager Sharon Neese said.

"When his agent called and

said he wanted to do this, we wanted to believe in the good in

people. And he wanted to do something for the children. He knows

what poverty is all about. He's lived in it, and I believe that

that is what motivated him," Neese said.

Manager say the amount is more

than enough to cover all of the equipment that was lost or damaged

due to the fire.