Suge Knight Theorizes Who Shot Up Offices

While police have yet to figure out a motive

for the early morning shooting of Tha Row's offices in West Los Angeles, California,

Suge Knight had a theory on who the culprit may be.

"We’ve got a lot of artist’s like

Crooked I, Eastwood and Kurupt, that are currently working on new albums. And,

because of the hype and media attention associated with these two projects,

there have been a lot of girls flocking to them at the studio and at the clubs,"

Knight said. "The crime was probably committed by a jealous boyfriend or

a jealous husband.”

As previously reported, a security guard who

witnessed the shooting said that four calls pulled up around 2:30 am and pumped

bullets into the walls, front door and windows of the office.

Police have no suspects or motives and no one

was injured.

Tha Row Records recently released the soundtrack

to Miramax's film, "Dysfunktional Family."