Suge Knight To See Early Release


Knight is ecepected to be released from prison, serving

a little over 4 years of his 9 year sentence. Suge has been out

of the rap game since 1997, when violated his parole for his involvement

in fight, which according to police, led to the murder of Tupac

Shakur. Suge is eligible under California law, because he served

over half of his sentence. Although the L.A.P.D named Suge the

main suspect in the murder of Biggie Smalls, no charges have been

brough against him. Suge has been talking to magazines about the

current state of Hip-Hop. This is what he had to say:

On Puff: "Look

at guys like Puffy and Dre. They didn't grow up in the ghetto,

yet they rap about gang-banging and drugs. Those guys can't go

into a ghetto unless it's with a 15-person police escort, and

if they do that, their image would goes straight to hell."

On Snoop Dogg: "I

don't have any feelings towards that impostor. He can't walk into

any ghetto...because everybody sees him for what he is, a fake."

On Magic Johnson:

"Before he got AIDS, he was just a basketball player who

happened to go both ways. Now he's an icon. But every time he

pulls his dick out, it's attempted murder. He can afford the drugs

that keep him healthy. How about the kids in the ghetto that can't?

They're dying."

On Eminem: "He's

funny, but he better be careful because he is a white boy that

says the nigga word a little too often. He's gonna say it around

the wrong person who is going to take it to heart and bring his

white ass down. I like the guy, but he needs to be careful."

On Dr. Dre: "I

can't stand him. People say I was cruel for calling him a faggot,

but what's pissing me off the most is that he was dishonest about

it. I don't have anything against gay people -- to each his own.

Back in the day, we would have parties and he'd pretend to be

with all these women. Don't lie to someone who is supposed to

be your friend."