Suge's Memoir To Drop In 2003

Riverhead books has secured the rights to release the memoir of music mogul Suge Knight and plans to release a hard cover book in 2003, according to a statement.

In a statement released by Riverhead the book will "chronicle the inspirational story of Knight's emergence from the streets of Compton, CA to become one of the most significant and controversial personalities in the music industry."

"Knight's story is a classic American rags-to-riches saga that also illuminates the most significant revolution in popular music of the past few decades," said Julie Grau, Vice President and Co-Editorial Director of Riverhead Books.

"He is a singular combination of showman, businessman and gangster, and a natural born storyteller. Suge intends to write the most candid, unflinching and thoughtful account of his many lives, and it promises to be the definitive story of the life and times of hip hop," she concluded.

Also, the company boasts Knight will reveal close relationships with the late John F. Kennedy Jr., the deaths of Biggie and Tupac and many other incidents with the impresario including Jennifer Lopez , Dr. Dre, Berry Gordy, Vanilla Ice, Puff Daddy and nemisis Snoop Dogg.

The book also plans to chart his rise through the years, his childhood, legal run-ins and even chronicle the 5-year bid spent in jail detail, according to Riverhead.

"I see this book as another opportunity to give back to the community," Knight said in a statement. " I want young people to know how terrible prison is. I want them to understand the importance of education -- that there are more ways to get out of the ghetto than by being an athlete or a rapper. I want them to dream about success and then make it happen."