Suge's Out, Ready To Work


Knight was released from prison Monday and

returned to Los Angeles after serving almost five years

for violating his probabtion on the night of Tupac Shakur's

murder in Las Vegas.


stress-free,'' Knight said. "I want to try to do

better things. You know what they say: 'Demonstration

is better than conversation.' Watch me. I'm going to

the studio tonight.''

There have

been huge billboards that make the office building Death

Row is housed in look small around the area that say

"Welcome Home Suge." There are also billboards

in the area advertising Tha Dogg Pound 2002, with two

red paws over Daz and Kurupt's faces.


days is coming, man,'' Knight said. "It's like

we're getting ready for the Super Bowl. We going to

start having some fun again.''

Knight was

paroled on April 20 from Mule Creek State Prison in

Ione, Calif., and transferred to a federal prison in

Sheridan, Ore., to finish the remaining months of his

sentence. When asked about recent allegations brought

up by Rolling Stone and VH1's "Behind The Music,"

which claim that he had involvement in the murder of

Biggie Smalls, Knight said I'm God's child and God always

reveals the truth. Those stories are full of lies. It's

amazing what these people can say about you when you're

in prison." He has contacted a Libel Attorney and is

looking into possibly suing both companies.


told that Snoop Dogg and crew would be

absent from The Source Awards due to Knight's presence,

and his anticipated entourage that he will be bringing.