Suge Sends Message To Snoop?


Knight, who showed his compassionate side recently

by donating over $20,000 to a school who's play ground needed

to be repaired, is also showing the more familiar menacing side.

If you go over to

and watch the flash intro, it is more than apparent that there

is going to be serious problems when Suge gets out of jail.

Snoop Dogg was

very vocal about the Deathrow release Dead Man Walking

which contains older Snoop Dogg material. He vowed to never

do interviews to any media outlet that played the single Head

Doctor. Both Dre and Snoop lashed out at Suge for releasing

the entire Last Meal album on MP3 format a full 3 weeks

ahead of the scheduled release date.

Although that effort

by Suge in no ways slowed the sale of Tha Last Meal (it moved

over 400,000 copies the first week), net heads that check out

the Deathrow site are wondering how violent this feud is going

to become. The intro reads: "2001, the year of fear. All

doggs run and hide. Suge is coming home." A dog is heard

barking in the backround followed by a gunshot.

After the intro

two pictures of Snoop are then displayed, touting the new video

from the Dead Man Walking L.P., Head Doctor.