Suge Terrorizing Up In Smoke Tour?


to infamous radio personality Wendy Williams of Philly's Power

99, Suge Knight has been secretly terrorizing Dr. Dre, Snoop and

the some of the staff of the "Up In Smoke" tour. According to

Williams, Suge has been buying approximately 30 front row tickets

to every Up In Smoke concert as a show of intimidation to the

former Death Row members.

Also, Williams says her sources report that Suge have prevented

Snoop from signing an unidentified rap group to Interscope Records

because Suge has placed threatening calls to executives at the

label. In an interview, with The Source magazine Suge had said

that after being released from prison, he will maintain all of

his enemies, including Dr. Dre and Snoop. William's sources claim

that through Michel'le, his fiancé and Dre's former finance,

Suge has been threatening Dre. According to sources,

Dre has visited Suge in prison in order to ease any conflict that

may exist between them. Snoop however, had taken the more aggressive

path and recorded a song called "Death Row Is Bitches."

Suge Knight is scheduled to be released from prison in early 2001.