Summer Madness: "Summertime 5" & This Season’s Playlist

“I think I was in my dad's van. We were riding around and it came on the radio,” Mick (once known as Mick Boogie) replied when asked him about hearing the 1991 Hip-Hop classic, “Summertime,” for the first time. “I immediately went out and tried to buy all the clothes from the video. I also wondered why my non-rhythm-having white family couldn't dance like that at our family reunions.”

Fast-forward 23 years and Mick is dropping the fifth installment of the Summertime mixtape series with one of the “Summertime” song creators, DJ Jazzy Jeff. The duo’s annual release again finds the two DJs putting together a collection of songs in the spirit of the summer season.

“I’ve always said that in colder climates summertime means a lot more to people than it does in the Miami or L.A. areas because you pretty much have 80 degree weather on Christmas,” Jeff said.

June 21, 2014, marked the release of Summertime 5, and Mick and Jeff have plenty of surprises in store for listeners. From Biz Markie on the intro to Mick and his production partner, Chi Duly, flipping a Bobby Vinton record for the outro, the project promises to be an entertaining listen from beginning to end.

And while the genres of music on the Summertime tapes are varied, according to Jeff, there is one guideline, “Mick and I vowed that we don’t put any new music on Summertime, so it always has somewhat of a nostalgic feel.”

“The reason I've had a great career is because I'm a normal and humble dude,” Mick explained. “Getting to know Jeff, and seeing all the success he is still having years later, it’s because he is the exact same way. So to me, and everyone else, the lesson is to stay true to who you are, even as you grow.”

Summertime 5 is the perfect example of that. To download it, please click here .

And below is the full audio of's interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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AllHipHop went through the first four Summertime tapes and curated a set of 10 songs that fit June, July, and August for all different reasons. Check it Out...

Song: "Back in the Day"

Artist: Ahmad

Reason: nostalgia

Every day, you are the youngest you’ll ever be and as old as you’ve ever been. Therefore, “back in the day” and nostalgic sentiments are universal to everyone. And who doesn’t have a favorite summer memory?

Song: "It’s a Party"

Artists: Busta Rhymes and Zhane

Reason: celebration

The title is pretty self-explanatory. And keeping in mind that there’s no school, three holiday weekends, and lots of warm weather and daylight, it’s pretty easy to find a reason for festivities.

Song: "Lean on Me"

Artist: Bill Withers

Reason: compassion

The support of family and friends is something that all people need at one time or another. So with family gatherings and friends crossing paths more frequently during the summer months, this song is a powerful one about those able to lend a helping hand.

Song: "Summertime"

Artists: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Reason: relaxation

This is a very chill song. It has a timeless quality to it and its smooth groove captures the pleasant and mellow feeling of the season better than any other rap song in history. “Leanin’ to the side, but you can’t speed through / Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you.”

Song: "Around the Way Girl"

Artist: LL Cool J

Reason: attraction

LL’s song about his search for a savvy young woman and him being attracted to her everyday lifestyle evokes thoughts of summer in every verse. From her standing at the bus stop with a lollipop to her smile being compared to sunshine, and then him actually talking about her wearing gold in the summer, it all adds up to a standout song on one Mr. Smith’s best albums ever.

Song: "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss"

Artist: PM Dawn

Reason: relationships

Because summers often have isolated experiences (e.g. camps, vacations), this song can apply to countless would of's, could of's, and should of's that arise when someone is on another’s mind after circumstances have changed.

Song: "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay"

Artist: Otis Redding

Reason: tranquility

The imagery in this song is second to none and could never really be seen in its utmost glory during the fall, winter, or spring.

Song: "A Long Walk"

Artist: Jill Scott

Reason: self-discovery

Summers are a time for growth and reflection. It's clear by this song's lyrics that this neo-soul classic focuses on just that.

Song: "Dear Summer"

Artist: Jay Z

Reason: progression

Just as this was Jay’s (temporary) farewell to rap, it is inevitable each year that everyone must say, “goodbye” to summer. The reminiscent vibe of the song is very fitting.

“Let's just put this out there now - we will be doing a Wintertime mixtape at some point in the future.” -Mick

What are some of your favorite summer songs? Let us know in the comments section!