Summer Shakedown: The Best and The Worst

Hey Readers!

I’m Alesha Reneé host of BET’s new show the 5ive. As most of you know by now, on the 5ive I bring you the hottest in fashion, sports, people, places and all things talked about. asked me to fill you all in on my 5ive favorite fashion trends, misfits, pet peeves and give you all a sneak peek at the looks for the Fall, so here we go!

One of the 5ive things that I loved in fashion this summer was Gold accents. Gold is a great accessory on every skin tone. It’s light, sexy and looks like butter on our skin. I noticed the color trend a lot this summer - it was on every thing and every part of the body. From bronzers that accented eyes, cheek bones, legs, arms and cleavage to bags, flip flops and big dope chains. Gold was a big hit!

Next up was a return to the ‘70s with high waisted shorts and pants. This was a break from the low waisted pants that makes us all hit the gym extra hard. This look, to me, just exudes class and sexiness. I loved seeing the shorts paired with a long sleeve blouse. It was just the right amount of flesh. Ladies, here’s a hint to being effortlessly sexy: show only enough to keep them wanting more - and this look nails it!

Shoes are a girl’s best friend! New shoes have the ability to make your day a little brighter and this summer colorful heels made a comeback. We saw this trend with colorful summer shades of green, yellow, floral prints and lots of stripes on every type of shoe from flats and espadrilles, to pumps and sling backs. Point blank, heels make the legs look good and when you throw in a splash of color this trend hit the spot!

Take a spot in the shade with a cool hat. My head is one of my favorite parts to dress. I’m a hat girl. What can I say? I’m from Texas, and in Texas we do it big, so I was glad to see hats this past season. Big ones that make you feel like you’re on your way to the Rodeo or the Kentucky Derby are some of my favorites. I like cowboy hats, but I also love the hats that seem like they have a bit of history to them like… the fedora or a vintage trucker hat.

Finally, red lipstick rules! Although I wear very little makeup, it’s nice to spice things up once in a while. Red is a color of power, defiance and sensuality! We saw this look on all the celeb’s this summer… Beyonce did it best! Now, I am sorry to the fellas who get smeared with lipstick by default - but I’m sure the kiss made it all better!

Here is where it gets sticky… I am not a fashion expert, nor do I claim to be. But I do make honest observations. With that said, here are my fashion pet peeves. Booty pad jeans should be reserved for football and hockey. Not everyone can have everything ladies! Focus on what you do have naturally, and wear things that compliment your assets. Besides, padding is just false advertisement and I don’t think men like being fooled - especially when the jeans come off.

Ladies, get your hair done. Bad weaves and coloring are a “no, no.” I’m in an industry that requires a lot of styling, which could be damaging to the hair over time. We “industry folk” often use weaves, in addition to style, to protect our natural hair. But we must treat our borrowed hair like it is our own. If it’s in your head, act like it is yours - wash and style it properly.

Grooming is essential. Take better care of your extremities. Pedicures and manicures are essential. You don’t have to do it for a man, do it for you. Well groomed nails complete a look. This summer I saw a lot of hands with uneven nails or worst missing tips. Stuff like that makes me want to scream, “Stop the madness!”If you have a friend that needs a treat to the salon, make a date and take them. It will be quality time for you both, and you can walk out feeling pretty and polished!

After you have treated your feet… Let them breathe. I’ve seen some people wearing boots this summer, and I just don’t understand why. It’s hot! Your feet need a vacation, so give them the breath of fresh air that they deserve.

Lastly, know what works for you. Not everything was made for everybody. I’m going to leave that for you all to decipher.

Looking forward to the Fall season I’m going to give you ladies a few trend tips. Prepare to wear purple this upcoming season. Purple is sultry and mysterious and it looks good on all shades of skin. Don’t be afraid to pick-up a few deep purple threads to add to your wardrobe. While, shopping grab a sweater dress. The sexy knits show off a coke bottle shape, and are thick enough to be forgiving to any extra cushion. Throw on some hot studded boots and work it girl!

As for the makeup, keep it light for the Fall during the day. For a sexier night look, try a smoky eye in navy or a blue tone instead of black, and go light on the lip with a nude or neutral tone.

Most importantly, just be beautiful in your own skin. Love you! No one can do you better.