Summer Walker Denies Delaying Concert To Hit The Town With Drake

AllHipHop Staff

The R&B singer is denying growing speculation that she may have skipped out on a show just to hang with her idol, Drake.

(AllHipHop News) R&B star Summer Walker has hit back at fans after coming under fire for the delayed start to her Monday night concert in Toronto, Canada.

Ticketholders took to social media to vent after they braved frigid temperatures to attend the REBEL show, only to be left waiting more than three hours for the gig to start, while the singer also reportedly left the crowd further disappointed by exiting less than an hour into the set.

To make matters worse, Walker, who recently scaled back her tour commitments due to her battle with severe social anxiety, had posted photos of herself hanging out with hometown hero Drake and producer London On Da Track shortly before the performance, leaving many fuming.

However, on Tuesday, Walker took to Instagram Live to fire back at her detractors, insisting she had endured a nightmare journey to get into the country after misplacing her identification documents, and then clashed with sound technicians responsible for setting up the show.

"Y'all don't even know what goes on behind-the-scenes. I had to fire my sound team twice," the Georgia native claimed.

"I couldn't find my passport and birth certificate. I had to be up at 5 a.m. to go to two different offices to get a new passport and birth certificate. By the time I got to Toronto, all I had time to do was check-in (to her hotel), wash my a##, and get to the venue. I didn't even know I was motherf##king late."

Walker went on to insist promoters were responsible for her stage time and made it clear the delay wasn't because she had been chatting to special guests like Drake and Meek Mill, who were both in attendance at her concert.

"I go on stage when I'm told to go on stage," she ranted. "Drake told me he was going to come to my show, and I told him not to come because I suck. He comes - very grateful and nice man. He's extremely sweet. The thing is, we only spoke for two minutes.

"Him, Meek, and some other n##gas walked in. We say hello and take a picture. We probably exchanged about two sentences and then they said, 'Summer, it's time to go on stage.' I did what I was supposed to do. If I had known motherf##kers were waiting for four hours, I would've apologized."

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