Sunday Afternoon Comics: Indie Edition

Most of what people know about comics comes from the big two publishers, Marvel and DC Comics. While they have some great characters like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman that have become almost American Mythology, there are other books out there from lesser known publishers that have a wealth of new characters and interesting worlds for readers to enjoy. We'll be taking a look at the world of comics from week to week, but for now, here are a few of our picks from independent publishers for the week ending on 1/13/2008

The Boys 14

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artists: Darrick Robertson and Peter Snejbjerg

Publisher: Dynamite

Garth Ennis, much like Puffy, just doesn’t know how to stop. Issue 14 of The Boys may just be the most satisfying so far. It has tons of gore, sex and death, which is why people tune into this title in the first place. Ennis continues his dark caricature of comicdom and welcomes you along...if you dare.

Evil Dead 1

Writer: Mark Verheiden

Artist: John Bolton

Publisher: Dark horse

John Bolton painted every single page of this comic book. Why should you car? He is the best painter the comic book industry has ever seen. This book is based on the cult classics Evil Dead 1 and 2. Definite candidate for Book of the week, without question. There is no reason not to buy this.

Kade: Shiva’s Sun

Writer: Sean O’Reilly and Alex Nikolavitch

Artist: Clint Hilinski and Thu Tai

Publisher: Archana

Fans of Kade won’t have anything to complain about here. The issue isn’t anything special storywise or artwise. This is the first issue of a mini-series though, so it maypick up. The art doesn’t disappoint, but don’t expect to be blown away either. If you’re new to the series, this would be a good point to hop in, as there haven’t been any allusions to previous issues so far.

Sheena – Queen of the Jungle 4

Writer: Stephen E. de Souza and Robert Rodi

Artist: Matt Merhoff, Bob Pedroza and Wes Dzioba

Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing

With a legendary artist like Joseph Linsner and the writer of Die Hard, could a comic really go wrong? Well, it’s possible, but so far Sheena been a good book, and issue 4 is no exception. The art is very good, nothing like Frank Cho’s, whose drawings' sole purpose is visual stimulation. Merhoff actually has a style of his own, but you won’t be disappointed if you just want to see the chick in the bikini.