Sunday Selection: Ashanti - "The Way That I Love You"

Three strikes and you're out!

That very well might have been the case for R&B starlet Ashanti’s

new album if her current single, “The Way That I Love You” didn’t

catch on. Remember her other singles, “Switch” and “Hey Baby (After

The Club)"? Probably not, and that’s exactly why I’ve brought up the

three strike rule. But then again maybe we should be asking why someone

over at The Inc. still has their job?

I have always liked Ashanti

from day one when I heard her first single “Foolish." I

have even found myself in numerous conversations defending her talent

and singing abilities. I’m glad that she is back, and this time around

her timing is a little better. Whether her label admits it or not releasing

her album when her biggest competition (Beyonce Knowles) is currently

taking a break from the studio and filming a movie is good idea. This

presents the opportunity for Ashanti to creep back in the limelight

and grab some shine.

“The Way That I Love You”

is a hot single. It hits home for both men and women who have ever been involved

in a relationship only to find out that their significant other doesn’t

share the same feelings.I must admit I absolutely adore the creativity

put forth for in the video for the song. They say the third time is

a charm, and for Ashanti, “The Way That I Love You” proves to

be just that!