Sunday Selection: Beyonce - "New Shoes"

Well folks looks like Beyonce has another anthem for the ladies. And this time around instead of giving directions to exit left, she’s putting on her new shoes and walking out the front door! It always gives me pleasure to know how other people feel when their relationship is dead, and when we hear it in songs it only lets us know that we aren’t alone with our feelings. I like “New Shoes”. It reminds me of Beyonce’s other smash hit “Irreplaceable”. It has the same intensity and message, but yet is different in its own right. While the track “New Shoes” is one of several to surface from Mrs. Knowles-Carter in the last few days, I have to wonder what’s REALLY going on. At first I thought maybe this was being done on purpose to test the waters, but then I see the tracks being snatched from different websites all over the internet which means something ain’t right! Papa Knowles – “Wassup?” Who’s leaking these tracks?? And whoever the guilty party is, chill out. You’re not doing us any favors by teasing us. Stop the madness please and let nature take its course.Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “New Shoes”.